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Just like Nature Intended

Have you felt something missing..... like an empty space inside of you that you are wanting to fill, but everything you have ever tried before just does not fill it?

There is something that feels lost, no person, no thing, no purchase or achievement can fill that space, can make you feel whole.

In the craziness of our lives through relationships, parenthood, jobs, moving places, and the general busyness of life we lose part of ourselves, it happens so slowly we don't even realise it is happening.

Each person we come into contact with takes a little piece of us consciously or unconsciously....isn't it time for you to reclaim who you are, that strong, fierce, wild woman!

Don't get me wrong this is not a shuttling yourself off from the world, but knowing so deeply, so strongly inside of you WHO YOU ARE that there is nothing that can shake that anymore. It allows you to feel deeply connected to land, to source, to people you love, whilst retaining your true identity.


It's about knocking down the walls and shields we have built up over time in order to protect ourselves, and allow ourselves to be seen, heard and felt.

Join in a community of women who have all made the decision to reclaim, reconnect and nurture their inner sacred feminine.



Join me for a beautiful 4 day retreat in Nannup, Western Australia from 27-30 November 2020.

Scented Candle


Beautiful doterra blends and doterra products.

Naturally Simple

What distracts you from real connection? We are bombarded with distractions on a daily basis, from the moment our alarms go off in the morning, to the time our heads hit the pillows at night.... Real connection can be found with mother nature, the earth, the sea, the stillness, the simplicity of being with yourself.

So, go on get out there, into the bush, away from internet and phones, lay in the dirt, connect with mother earth, cook on a fire, listen and be absorbed into your environment ...... allow yourself to be held by her.... it's amazing how loudly you hear your own inner wisdom speak when the noise of the outer world is silenced..... Tracy x


Creativity is about flow, its about expressing feelings that perhaps you can not find words for, it is about tapping into that part of yourself you don't often share with everyone, but just the special ones, it's deeply connecting to yourself in a soulful way.....



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