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28 day cacao online retreat

NEW dates coming soon

Time to Quiet our Minds & Connect to our Heart Intention. 

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Option One : Online course only 

28 Days Cacao Online Journey


* Online Opening Ceremony with Gentle Breath Journey,  Meditation, Opening sacred space and cacao ceremony  (around 2 hours)

* Visioning workshop to create your vision for the Journey

* 28 days x  Morning Meditations + Breathwork  with 20 minute embodied writing practice (allow 1 hour - 30 minute practice, 20 minute journalling) 

* Online Closing Ceremony  (2 hours) with Meditation, Closing sacred space, cacao ceremony and gentle Breath Journey



* 4 x  Friday night Yin and Cacao classes (90 MINS)


* 1 hour Full Breathwork Journey

*28 Day Cacao Downloadable and printable Journal

Click button below to purchase 

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Option Two - Upgrade option

28 Day Cacao Journey VIP Package

This is a done for you pack that includes all you will need for your journey.  Click this one to purahase the online course PLUS the VIP inclusions 


All options of Option 1, plus a pre organised VIP pack with everything you will need for your journey, all curated for you, taking the stress out of gathering your pieces as it all comes in one pack ready to open and use. 

Please allow for 10 - 14 days delivery of this pack.  

- 1kg Ceremonial Grade Cacao 
- crystal for your altar 

- Sage and Palo Stick
- 28 card Love Note deck 

- Candle for your altar

- Ceremonial matches 

- Tinderbox rose oil

- Tinderbox sage oil 

- Feather smoke fan making kit 

- Pamper pack : bath soak, face mask, body scrub 

- shamanic essential oil spray

Click button below to purchase 

(please sign up at least 10 working days before you plan to start to ensure you receive your Cacao in time.)

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